Geospatial Services and Geodesy

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Data collection and Surveying

Topographical surveying
We specialize in delivering top-notch topographical surveying solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of our clients. Our experienced team of surveying professionals combines cutting-edge technology with a commitment to accuracy, ensuring that your projects are equipped with precise and actionable data.
Photogrammetric surveying
We are at the forefront of the photogrammetric surveying industry. Our experienced team combines the art of aerial photography with advanced photogrammetric techniques, ensuring that your projects benefit from accurate, high-resolution, and actionable geospatial data.
Cadastral measurement
We are a leading provider of cadastral measurement services, specializing in accurate land surveys and parcel delineation. With a commitment to precision and reliability, our experienced team employs cutting-edge technology to deliver cadastral measurements tailored to the unique needs of landowners, developers, and government agencies.
Bathymetric measurement
Our dedicated team of experts combines advanced sonar technology, remote sensing, and precise data processing to deliver comprehensive bathymetric surveys tailored to the unique needs of marine industries, environmental researchers, and coastal planners.

Geospatial Services

Coordinate transformations

Provider of coordinate transformation services, specializing in simplifying the complexities of spatial data integration. With a commitment to accuracy and efficiency, our experienced team employs advanced algorithms and cutting-edge technology to seamlessly convert coordinates across different systems, ensuring the harmonious integration of geographical data.

Digitalization map production

We are specialized in transforming geographical data into dynamic, interactive, and visually compelling digital maps. Our dedicated team combines advanced GIS technologies, data analytics, and innovative design to deliver customized digital maps tailored to the specific needs of businesses, government agencies, and industries worldwide.

GIS application and consulting

Provider of Geographic Information System (GIS) applications and consulting services, dedicated to empowering businesses and organizations with spatial intelligence. Our seasoned team of GIS experts combines innovative technology, data analysis, and strategic insights to deliver customized solutions that leverage the power of spatial data for informed decision-making.

Remote Sensing

Provider of remote sensing services, dedicated to harnessing the power of satellite and aerial imagery to provide actionable insights for a wide range of applications. Our skilled team of remote sensing experts combines advanced technology, data analytics, and industry knowledge to deliver high-quality, accurate, and timely geospatial information

Geodetic control networks

GNSS networks

Provider of GNSS network construction services, specializing in the design, implementation, and management of high-precision positioning networks. With a commitment to accuracy and reliability, our experienced team employs cutting-edge technology and industry expertise to deliver robust GNSS infrastructure tailored to meet the demands of surveyors, engineers, and geospatial professionals.

Triangulation & Trilateration

Provider of advanced surveying and positioning services, specializing in precise triangulation and trilateration techniques. Our dedicated team of experts leverages cutting-edge technology and industry best practices to deliver accurate geospatial data for a wide range of applications, including land surveying, construction, and telecommunications

Adjustment Computation

We are specialized in geodetic solutions that ensure accuracy, reliability, and consistency in spatial data. Our dedicated team of geodesic experts leverages cutting-edge technology and advanced methodologies to perform precise adjustment computations, supporting industries such as land surveying, cartography, and geospatial sciences

Construction and engineering

Quantity surveying

Provider of quantity surveying services, committed to delivering accurate and efficient solutions for construction projects. Our seasoned team of quantity surveyors combines industry expertise, cutting-edge technology, and meticulous attention to detail to ensure that your projects are meticulously measured, costed, and managed

Volume Calculation

Provider of volume calculation services, specializing in precise and comprehensive measurements for a diverse range of industries. Our dedicated team of experts utilizes cutting-edge technology, advanced surveying methods, and sophisticated algorithms to deliver accurate volume calculations for projects in construction, mining, agriculture, and environmental monitoring

Road Design

Provider of road design services, dedicated to transforming transportation infrastructure through innovative design solutions. Our dynamic team of engineers, planners, and designers leverages cutting-edge technology and industry expertise to deliver road designs that prioritize safety, efficiency, and sustainability

QC & Supervision

Provider of quality control and supervision services, committed to ensuring the highest standards in construction project execution. Our dedicated team of construction management experts, engineers, and quality control specialists collaborates seamlessly to deliver meticulous oversight, guaranteeing the integrity, safety, and adherence to specifications for every construction facility.